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Witcher 2 wont start... wtf did they never fix this?

Ive got the typical witcher 2 problem Steam is too lazy to fix... upon launching the wold icon appears and it seems the game launches for a tenth of a second before vanishing... By that i mean an application box is seen on the task bar for a split second.

No antivirus running... just windows security stuff that asks for multiple permissions.

Ive heard a fixed .exe can fix this but have not been able to find any.

Has there ever been a definite fix for this crap? It was the same deal 6 months ago.
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Clearly they should get on this ASAP. If this is happening to you, it's gotta be happening to everybody.
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You could try verifying the cache and see if that helps or register the game on GOG.com and get yourself an extra copy for free. The GOG version works perfectly fine for me and is already updated to the Enhanced Edition.
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