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Just beat all the levels

And I actually want to go back and try to get all the orb things. Wow. This is a challenging, charming, fluid, and FUN platformer that's on the PC. My hat is off to the developers. Wonderful Job.

I especially love how the game had subtle throwbacks to platformers of the past like the last levels reminded me of Sonic 2 and the airplane levels, tnt barrels animated like crash bandicoot, and idk if this was on purpose but the first couple underwater levels looked and played just like the first ninja turtles on NES (aka hardest game ever). There were a few others I can't recall right now but damn.

I would buy an entire DLC of just the mosquito flying missions also...

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It is indeed an amazing and beautifull game from what i have played so far (only at world 3).
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Amazing game, spent hours trying to get perfect scores, can get fustrating though
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