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Sometimes you have a good commander who is being outmatched by metastrategy. Last game the enemy commander pushed with only flame turrets, they out damage rockets and out last even while building and for cheaper and I really didn't know how to respond to that. Even artillery didn't help as much as it could have.

Now, flames can easily be countered by sieges out ranging them and/or saboteurs hitting relays, but no one helped... at all. There were at least 4 assaults shooting the power stations with their regular guns.

So... it's not always the commander's fault.
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Originally Posted by Lokarin View Post
it's not always the commander's fault.
Did the commander ask for sieges to take down the enemy turrets? Did he designate targets? Did he give guidance?

If yes, then, it's not his fault. Otherwise, the commander has failed to communicate.
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Everyone knows some people just don't listen.

From what I've seen, people listen to commanders they know are good and have a reputation and respect already, though even then some people just don't do anything or aren't skilled enough to know how to effectively counter (like hitting relays versus the turrets).
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I sometimes feel inclined to press tab to check commander's name... mostly if the match is going too well or too badly (if it's going just ok, then there's really no use to check for names or levels).

I listen to the commander usually if he/she:

-uses the mic often and for good reason (no trolling, etc).
-asks players how the battlefield is doing (dialogue instead of blunt orders? don't mind if I do!).
-the spawn and supply are right were I need them (near prime, near spawn, near contested corners, etc).
-The class I want to play is readily available as soon as I need it.
-Knows a thing or two about exposed areas and proper relay routes.
-General politeness from everyone involved in the game doesn't hurt either.

If not, I can't help wanting to demote the commander and see if there's someone better for the job. There's a few geniuses out there that can win matches all on their own as commanders (damn them!). But they are generally few and far in between and to be perfectly honest those games are dead boring on both sides (...sonic turret rush... yay...).
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