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Lightbulb Ideas for the future

Here's some ideas I thought up after fooling around in the demo a bit. Feel free to steal them! This stuff might be good for an expansion or some kind of feature-adding DLC.

Non-magical strategic map actions.
This is intended to provide worker functionality without requiring the player to build worker units, and works identically to the spellcasting system, except costing gold to execute instead of mana. Work on a separate casting timer from spells and represent non-magical projects that workers in your realm perform on the world map.

Examples: build road, reclaim swampland, chop down forest, plant forest, prospect for resources (costs a bunch, small chance of discovering new resources in an area of effect).

More terrain features
I think the set of terrain that's available is quite diverse and mostly complete enough as it is, but what I would like to see are things like rivers, and possibly river-related buildings such as water mills or bridge toll houses.

Deeper combat mechanics
Essentially, I would like to see more combat modifiers based on tactical positioning, and associated unit perks. For example, there could be a marine perk that gave the unit a bonus instead of a penalty for attacking across rivers, and the ability to attack from ships. And, of course, flanking bonuses for being supported by mutually adjacent friendly units (exactly like civ 5).

Overall the idea is to reward tactical positioning and moving troops around like an army and place less emphasis on zomgwtf super powered single units to win battles.

Deeper diplomacy
This one mostly applies to the current state of Civ 5 as well, though Warlock's diplomacy is slightly more primitive still. Here are some things I would like to see from the diplomacy system in the future:
-way for AI to suggest what it would take for a deal to be acceptable (as in Civ 5)
-way to request an end to a war against a third party, or a way to ensure a war pact against a third party (as in Civ 5)
-possibly a way to loan your units out as mercenaries, and receive payment proportional to the quality of the unit
-a way to hire neutrals as mercs, and generally interact with them a bit more. Possibly enticing them to join you without bloodshed, or getting them to attack a third party, or attack a target you designate.

All these would allow you to add more faction perks, unit perks, and city buildings among other things. Your own ideas, or just feedback on mine is, of course, welcome. Psyched to play the game next week! Thanks for reading, peoples.
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You're probably better off posting suggestions on the official forum: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...-of-the-Arcane

I've seen the devs and paradox post in there but not here. Whether they'll be here after launch I don't know?
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