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fat guy ina box
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Valve logic:
>Release Phlog which supports W+M1 pyros and tells them there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.
>Sandvich gives instant 150 health to heavy? That seems unfair let's balance that.
>Not even try and nerf phlog, leave the instant full health and mini-crits.
Gotta love it.
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Originally Posted by Nefarious Bear View Post
broken, how? Either you'd have a second wind with the downside of vulnerability or have a second of invulnerability to soak up damage but you have to plan wisely or else you're dead.

And if it was anything other than phlog those 2 pills would've killed him at that range,
That's because the Phlog is weak enough already as it is. You lose so much when you pick it :
- you lose all the defensive capabilities of airblast against soldier, demo and uber
- you lose all the offensive capabilities of airblast against all, especially against soldiers, note that reflected rockets count as mid range offensive capabilities too

For those losses, the Phlog is given melee range offensive power and health regen as defensive power. The invulnerability is not here to buff the Phlog even more, it's here to partly counter the huge weakness that the need to taunt to trigger the Mmmph is.

The invulnerability is completely offset by the fact it only happens while you taunt, which means while you are completely defenseless. You panicked and countered the taunt on the wrong way. It happens, no need to ask a nerf for that. You know what would have happened if the Pyro was using the Degreaser? He'd have reflected back to you a direct hit minicrit pipe that would have sent you flying away and then minicrit your face more with the Reserve Shooter.
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