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How do I mine gems and how do I build?

I have completed the first part of the game and I am now in the last cell of the map, where you can continue to the world map. I have explored around 98% and scouted 100%. I also killed the Boss where you are told to turn around after finding new Spells. Then I found the settlement.

My question is:

How can I get those colored gems in the dungeons and how exactly do I build?
I am a bit confused about that atm . Thanks for any answer.
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I'm not exactly a veteran so perhaps someone could clarify it better for you but:


You need a touch spell to mine gems. You should have one from the start (Fire Touch). Stand in front of the gem vein, point your cursor at it and fire away. It should be mined in no time.


You need to complete a few missions before you actually get to build something. Then you need a scroll for that building (most of them you get from missions). Then you need an NPC to operate the build (Rescue missions). After that you need to talk to the Green Guardian in your settlement and there you have the option to build things. (Provided you have the materials for it.)
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