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How do I get started?


How do I get started? I've been playing Warband since yesterday. At first I ran around trying to get missions to get money. After I got some money I recruited a bunch of peasants. I joined a faction as a mercenary but they never seemed to want me to do anything. So I went out killing bandits instead. I built up a hefty fund(8000 monies) and had a good sized troop(40 men, upgraded at least once past peasants).

Then I'm out wandering around and get attacked by a giant army my "faction" was at war with. I lose, try to retreat, lose again, run away, lose again and get taken prisoner. When I finally escape all my companions were dead, they took half my monies and it was like starting over again with a single guy.

So how do I get things off the ground? The big problems I'm having are:

1) Recruiting troops. It seems like the only way to get sizable amounts of units I want is to recruit tons of peasants and wait for the "trainer" skill to level them up. Or fight bandits and hope they live to get upgraded. Does it eventually become easier to recruit guys? Are the mercenaries scattered about in taverns that much better that 4 of them outclass 10 upgradable peasants?

2) How do I participate in a war? The faction I joined(Green one) is out attacking another one(The grey one) but don't let me help out. I tried to loot a village they were standing out front once, but they left and I got killed by the defending army that came.

Should I just be doing what I've been doing untill I've got enough reknown that a king contacts me? I'm at 89 right now with 15 Right to Rule and 1 honor.
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