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Originally Posted by RaranTroff View Post
Will DS2 play without origin? I may pick it up if it will. I detest origin and refuse to let it infect my computer.

There may be a way to shut down Origins "phone home" ports it uses to data mine though and keep the block specific to the origin application. If I could do that I would run origin for one game and one game only ToR.
Even Steam records the Apps. you have installed in the 'System information'.
A lot of users have BitTorrent installed too. So?
Not everything downloaded is illegal. In fact a lot of legal and legitimate downloads
need to be downloaded through a Torrent client.
Origin? Still haven't heard much good of it.

What about Gamefly? Anything wacky with them?
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Originally Posted by Foey View Post
Buy it cheap at Steam, but then play the game through Origin. You can use your Steam key to install the game on Origin also and play the game the way it's supposed to be played and not in God mode. The Steam version is effectively broken, since it forces you to play with game breaking DLC that's basically just a cheat mode where you have all the most powerful weapons and armor nearly right from the start of the game for free.
Bear in mind that some of us have already finished the first Dead Space, and feel like we've earned the right to be powerful bad-a**es. Just my opinion
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