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shankly, you apply this by invoking the console window with F1 key, then typing (or copy/pasting) the below line


Then press Enter to apply it and F1 again to close the console.

Terminal, I tend to suggest people to try this now and then, but it is not a good solution overall. At least I think so. It significantly limits performance. What it does is synchronize the GPU with CPU on each frame, so your GPU idle will raise much higher with this. Ideally, GPU is supposed to run in parallel, but seems like some drivers sometimes have problems with that and probably tend to overbuffer or underbuffer then have to drop frames or stall frames to compensate. (This is just a wild guess of what driver might do that might cause that. But we have no proof for that and no reliable data on when/why/on which hw/driver it happens.) Syncing on each frame will cut the driver's ability to buffer CPU->GPU data flow which will make sure it never skips/stalls frames, but will also make it starve GPU sometimes, causing lower FPS. If your FPS is always very high - then this might work wonders for you. If it is low it can sometimes be a disaster for performance.

I hope the above explains why it is a manual toggle, not a default. TL;DR - we cannot known when it helps and when it hurts - you have to try and decide which setting you like more.

Edit: settings of 1, 2, 3... are different "hardness" of syncing. Depending on how early in the frame we sync, it will lose more performance while maintaining a more steady FPS. Usually 1 is enough, 2 rarely needed, everything else is probably overkill, but worth trying if in despair.

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