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Killing Floor Mac Completely Unplayable

Game's become unplayable. kernel_task runs nearly 100% and the whole system lags lags lags. Plenty of ram. Lots available. Cannot play at all. Almost impossible to open game settings. Takes forever to just try changing perk.

I'm apt to blame steam. There were many things broken in a recent steam client update. Reports flooded in, and valve devs got right to work fixing them. For that I'm very grateful, and now I'm advocating sending in more reports about this problem.

I'm also very open to suggestions. Deleting ini files or uninstalling game sounds like a good idea, but I'd like to hear from what other people are seeing out there these days.

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Killing Floor is unplayable for me as well. It runs OK, and I see my perks when I click on my profile, but when I try to join a game, no games ever appear.

When I try launching a solo game, I'm level 0 in everything.

I know about the old workaround for this bug; delete cache.ini and get rid of all the files in user/library/application support/killing floor/cache, replacing them with equivalents in user/library/application support/killing floor/system yadda yadda... which worked for me before. (And keep doing it each time a new game attempts to patch KF...)

It no longer does. Killing Floor has become unplayable, again.

Presumably it will be re-un-broken in some future Steam update. Meanwhile, it's boot in Windows and run the proper version of Steam... or get on with some work instead
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That's clearly a different problem, which I also get from time to time. It almost always goes away on restarting the game for me. I see my perk levels now, despite having steam and kf use 20-30% cpu each, kernel 90% and idle 30% or so.

This is with steam overlay off. Its probably worse with it on. It never was playable with overlay on.
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