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Finally Works for me normally without any fiddling with files or downloads. Guess they finally fixed it.
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Just to share my solution, I had this problem for a few days, suddenly couldn't connect (game Batman: AC) and waited for DAYS to see if it would get fixed. Nothing happened.

I had to login on xbox.com (not LIVE ID website, but xbox.com), accept new terms and then I could connect once again inside the game. The login screen on the game, though, didn't say anything about what was wrong... just kept saying the login or password were invalid.
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Originally Posted by MarkusKoo View Post
1. Remove zdp folder and deadrising2otr.exe.cat, deadrising2otr.exe.cfg and deadrising2otr.exe.zdp from the game installation folder

2. download http://download.xbox.com/content/434...3_10000183.cab and extract content folder. Run setup.exe and install update 1

3. play the game
Two questions:

1. Is there a second title update for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record? Some trainers seem to be made for a version 1.02.

2. How, just how do you guys get these direct links to download title updates and DLC directly from Microsoft? Are we normally supposed to have access to these direct links? How do you guys get these links?

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