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Thumbs up Is Showdown the definitive Flatout sucessor?

Me, as an lover of arcady destruction racing games, feel like an orphan of that genre that actually is in shambles, with it's last great title being Flatout: Ultimate Carnage. With no decent sequel for it in the near (or far) future (excluding that sorry excuse that is Flatout 3) or any other game in this genre succeding (like the sorry Ridge Racer: Unbounded - that's unfortunately made by Bugbear, the fine gentleman that made the legendary Flatout series), started to lose hope...

Until i've played the DiRT: Showdown demo and BOY I'VE HAD A BLAST! The game is so much fun, after 3 or 4 races I was blasting all sorts of impacts on the opponents. It is a really great great fun if you're fan of raw racing action and makes no case about the lack of realist control.

It's instabuy for me. Thanks Codemasters <3
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"Is Showdown the definitive Flatout sucessor"

I don't think so.

I think they were aiming for something like this but failed miserably.

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At the moment, it seems so. Near as I can tell though, they're concentrating too much on just the derbys. My favorite things in flatout were the forest tracks, and dirt showdown doesn't look like it really has any race tracks besides crossovers. But with flatout 3 (I wish they didn't) and ridge racer unbound (bugbear) it seems dirt showdown will have to be the new flatout for now. By the way, if any of you still play ultimate carnage, my steam i.d. is steve-o_24
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Yeah it reminds me of flatout, and I thinks it's fair judging from the demo.I may buy it but CM can we please have a rally game?
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