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npc_metropolice join player squad?

I like to find a way, if there is any, for my mod to where the npc below can be commanded exactly like one of the npc citizens.

how can I make the npc_metropolice do the following...

join the player's squad if they see him.

basicly, I be able to press a keyboard key to tell him to move to a spot I command him too.


I know I can use a npc_citizen but I like to see if its possible with a npc_metropolice or any combine npc.

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You can't use those NPCs. You can use npc_citizen with a custom model though. Just paste the path to the metrocop model into the "citizen model" box.
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I have tried to change the default model of npc_citizen to the MetroCop model, but it didn't work. I suggest you, instead, to use an ai_relationship to force an npc_metrocop to have friendly behavior towards the player and the rebel faction. To do this, create 2 ai_relationship entities. Then open the properties of the firt one, and in the "subject" option type in npc_metropolice (this will make ALL metroCops in your map friendly), in the "tareget" option type in !player (the exclamative mark is needed). Then repeat it for the second ai_relationship, but on the "target" field, type in "npc_citizen". Also, make sure you set "reciprocal" to YES, so that the citizens will be friendly to the metroCops as well. Unfortunatly, even if this method works with any NPC, metroCops will still not follow the player, I think there is just no way to do this unless you change something in the coding of your mod.
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To build on what Blazer said, you can use an ai_goal_follow to tell the metrocops to follow the player. However, they will act more like Alyx or Barney instead of rebels. (They will follow you but you can't command them.)

To target the player in the ai_goal_follow, use '!player' in the target entity field. (As always, no quotes.)

Hope this helps!
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