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Newbys guide to PP 2012

so youve got PP2012? heres some basics to get you started

first of all, a BIG thanks to Ruiner for sharing his single core shortcut, without it i'd still have a game that freezes at the main menu.
in the spirit of "pay it forward" ive decided to write this basic guide to help others get started in the game quicker and easier, from what ive learnt so far.
I wont be explaining every little detail as most of it is self explanatory, im merely trying to help you put your best foot forward from the get-go.

Ruiner82's trick to getting multi core cpu to run on a single core is as follows:
Originally Posted by Ruiner82 View Post
Assuming your steam is installed to c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\

Right click on your desktop -> New -> Shortcut
Copy and paste this into the field:

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C START "Pole Position 2012" /high /affinity 1 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\pole position 2012\PolePosition.exe"

Right click on the shortcut -> properties
Change "Start in:" to:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\pole position 2012"

and it should work.

after loading the game and getting to the main menu, you'll start a new career.
there is a whole bunch of teams, each with different performance stats. unticking the weaker teams obviously leaves the higher level teams, giving a harder challenge.
the opposite is also true, unticking high performing teams will make it easier.

i only run with 13 teams, for a total of 26 car grid as in real GP. i find having them all ticked just makes things look messy in the races.
personally, i left all the teams that imitate real life teams, and unticked a combo of weak and strong teams that i felt were unknowns and not really needed, to reduce the field to a more realistic size.

When you select your team, enter your name etc you will start the game and have various options to start of your season, as seen in this link.

You will see there is 5 Main categories: Team, Personnel, Workshop, R&D, Management.
clicking one of the main categories will change the options in the sub-category below it.

to learn the game i would suggest you take some time, and click TEAM and have a browse through each of its sub-categories. then do the same with Personnel, and all the others.

To check your email (its usually crud anyway) go to team/email and click on the actual flashing email icon. (under the blox bull icon on my screen, upper left)

Personnel Menu:

trainers will allow you to increase the speed of your driver training. you'll probably want to lock your drivers into a very long contract to get the most benefit from this.
under driver training you can add trainers to various categories to improve your driver on a daily basis.

always keep a look out for higher ranked pit crew, and replace your weaker crew members with higher ranked ones to reduce pit stop time. sack any weaker crew that are not required. easiest way to do this is
easy way to fire the correct guy is go to change a pit crew member and look for the ones available in the list, remember their first names and fire them in the personnel menu.

staff will negotiate better sponsor packs

fan services - self explanatory

mechanics are used in manufacture and improvement of your own in-house R&D

race engineer - 3 required, one per driver.

Designers. higher ranking, or more of them will reduce R&D time dramatically.

you can see all your staff info at the very bottom of the screen aswell.

I suggest advancing one day at a time and checking the job market for new and improved employee's to boost your teams performance.


in the suppliers menu you have aero, mechanicals, and engine. you need to buy 2 of each part to complete your 2x race cars (why do we have a test driver if theres no option for a test car, i dont know??)
aero and mech usually have a couple of different brands in each part available. A budget part and an expensive one. click to buy

now go to the setup menu, and click each empty box and select a part below. dont forget to setup the 2nd car aswell, you did buy 2 of each part, right?


various info from bank balance and loans, through to organising sponsors for the car and setting price for fan merchandise. theres also an automatic ordering option to simplify stock levels.

Team grounds allows you to build test tracks, research buildings, wind tunnels and other goodies.
Id suggest starting with the Fan services. its cheap, quick, and brings in extra cash

allows you to advance through your own in-house parts design and manufacture, engines, and even optimize parts. employing more designers will reduce the research time. more mechanics reduce production time.


various info, self explanatory.

Race menu

1) lap time monitor, and time scale slider. the monitor button will open another window with various lap time info in it.
WARNING ON ADVANCING TIME! when in the track map screen you have full control over all buttons in the game interface. But when it changes to the TV Camera feed, you will temporarily loose control over the game interface until it returns to the track map screen again.
this means that if you fast forward time too much when there is a lot of action on (end of qual with busy track, start of race) you will find the TV Camera screen appears one after the other in an almost endless loop with only a split second view of the map in between - effectively locking you out of the interface including the time scale slider. (stuck in fast forward)
i have destroyed good races or lost an entire qual session when i tried advance time to the last 10min and "pull a senna" (flying lap in the dying minutes) only to view one tv camera feed after another, forcing me to play "click lotto" on the time scale slider in hope of catching it at the right time.

weather and clock is self explanatory.

2) warning light, green fuel can blinking = low fuel, tyre = worn tyres, possibly others?
3) top speed (also see speed readings on #15, its the same info)
4) average speed (also see speed readings on #15, its the same info)
5) not sure, probably another speed reading -top speed maybe? dunno (also see speed readings on #15, its the same info)
6) tyres, no idea how to read this one yet. possibly temp? maybe?
7) see #6
8) sun = dry weather tyre
8a) green bar = tyre compound. this one is on the "soft" end of the scale. Theres also a wear bar below it.
9) 4 options, this driver can select any combo of options below, with a maximum of 4 points. Once selected a progress bar will show how long left before it expires and returns to "race speed" automatically
10) engine performance sliders. you cant run a car hard all race as you increase the risk of a failure or problem.
11) tyre temp?
12) brake temp?
13) trans/engine temp?
14) fuel gauge, with 4 litres of fuel left and 0 litres used in this run
15) various info, dont forget the slider! fuel consumption is very important in working out your pit strategy + estimated laps left. the top/average speed stuff is the same as in #'s 3, 4 and possibly 5.
16) enter track/return to pit button, and car setup button.


Always check your fuel before hitting the track. i start with 20L, let them do 3 or 4 laps and you'll get a good "Average litres per lap" reading.
From this you can work out how many litres = how many laps, to sort out pit stops and such.

when testing or practise, set any performance sliders to "longevity" to save wear on critical parts for the race, and then do your testing on aero/gears/tyres to improve your lap time. when you have a good car setup skip to qual and let er rip by sliding them from longevity to the high performance setting to give it full power, you'll see your lap times fall even more.

In the car setup, when choosing the type of tyre you can see a sun/overcast/rain symbol on the tyre, compare it to the weather symbol on the main page for a good idea on tyre choice

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