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Aero Transparency, desktop windows manager disabled

So my i7 dell xps laptop with intel hd graphics family and nvidia geforce gt 540m with 4 ram often crashes when i play certain games like l4d, old games like fable 1, kingdoms of amalur, portal, and it's completely random. So I think I kinda get the concept of that integrated gpu thing wheere my gaming geforce card will activate and be signaled by my intel one when im gaming and the reason i kept crashing is i had a corrupted intel hd graphics family driver that caused the signals to be weak or somethin like that, therefore crashing my games and forcing me to restart to cease the annoying last sound loop crap.

So, the thing is I got this new driver for my intel hd graphics family and it's been great, haven't crashed a single time in kingdoms of amalur, i have yet to try other games with this new driver, but now the transparency is gone for the windows 7. lol. the taskbar and the blue bar at the top (By default) is a solid color, I guess it's windows xp all over again xD I honestly don't mind, but now that I'm used to windows 7.

I'd be happy if someone could give me a link to my intel hd graphics family that could retain the no-crash when im gaming and also have transparency for aero, im not much of a savvy with this stuff, and just downloaded the latest one thinking my intel hd graphics driver was updated and how i thought the problem was on my nvidia gefoce card which i updated like 10 times if not more. lol.

So yea.

My main graphics card for displaying things is:

Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
chip type is intel (r) HD graphics family
dac type: internal
approx. total memory 3763 mb

and in the drivers section:

main driver: igdumd64.dll,igd10umd64.dll,igd10u
WHQL Logo'd: Yes
DDI Version: 11

not sure if any of that would help, but i think i got this new driver from toplists or something for drivers.
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