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I had an idea I posted here a ways back of a Samurai class. He would have about 150-175 HP, and have a dart gun, shirukin, but his main weapon would be a Katana. On alt-fire, he would run forward, giving him slight damage resistance and increased damage through melee.

Yeah... I'm sorry.
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The Apocalypse Survivor

Weapons: Anything he can get his hands on (e.g. other people), bare hands.
Will not use guns unless small (e.g. will use pistol will not use rocket launcher)
Abilities: Can use anything as a weapon. Brawls with single people are generally stronger.
Speech: Like a scout, but slower and less cocky.

Based off Deadrising series.
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Meet the Spotter


A scope with an infrared laser that can blind people.

A pistol

A bowie knife.

Ability: The sniper's former guide to help him spot the most dangerous enemies. Was fired when the Sniper stated that he wanted to work alone.

Weakness: Makes sniper positions even more obvious.
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The Supplier

weapon: Simple Pistol

left click - drops an ammo pack for others to pick.
right click - drops a health kit for others to pick.

melee: poison knife (why not?)
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The F2P

Primary: Ghastly Gibus: Shoots out a (not so) deadly eyeball, which stuns all nearby players.

Secondary: The Achievement Get: Stuns nearby opponents and spams their chat log with "HOW DID HE EARN THAT ACHIEVEMENT?"

Melee: The Enemy Supply: Deals no damage, and heals all nearby disguised spies.
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