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Crash Log File Location


I'd like to know where the Crash Logs are stored, so I can get some help with my next question!

Which, funnily enough, relates to my game crashing.

Easy to sum up: Gets past introductory splash screens, gets to Title Menu, "Something went wrong".

So far have tried;
-Verifying Integrity.
-Disabling all visual enhancement options (AA,AF, TSX Engine).
-Disabling Sound Card GUI Drivers.

The best thing about it, is that the game was running when I first bought it.

So, what's changed, you ask?
Your guess is as good as mine; Hardware-wise, nothing.
A reformat was had and windows reinstalled, but *to the best of my knowledge* I have reinstalled the same set of programs used initially.

If there is a driver which I specifically need to play this, and have forgotten about, please do advise!

Thanks in advance.
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There are log.txt files in the \Railworks folder and memory dump files (for crashes, SBHH etc) .mdmp are in the same folder.
To read the mdmp files you need special debug tools from Microsoft but even if you can read them they are not always intuitive. This is the process explained better than I could: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315263

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