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Originally Posted by jake_farrell View Post
1) some achievments buggy ?

assembly line (for me it shows 85/100 , and i know i have more than 100 lvl1 towers builded)
Yeah I still have this minor issue 96/100 and it's just really annoying since I am very close to getting Strategist (all tower badges).
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Old 12-23-2010, 10:12 AM   #77
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If anyone is having problems installing .NET Components 3.5 (or any others) and thus not being able to launch the game for the first time I have your fix.


Basically removes any traces of .NET Components and allowing you to do a clean install of it.

If you devs haven't taken note of this fix please spread the word. If you have sorry, I haven't seen any mention of it.

EDIT: Thanks to the mod who gave me posting privileges without having to post 10 times
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Can't see the game

I played the first 4 levels during the free weekend, all good. Then, randomly, while using my laptop touchpad and the right mouse button to move the camera, everything went black. Game was on, UI was there, but no level. Even backspace, and a different level didn't work, so I deleted it. I later re-imaged my computer, bought it and re-installed. 1 level, right button, all gone. Verify cache, everything. Even re-install. Nothing worked.
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Old 12-24-2010, 09:17 AM   #79
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Fixed -ish

Well, re-installing worked this time, for a moment, then I zoomed out everything went grey, then black.
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Old 12-24-2010, 11:55 PM   #80
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Finally fixed

Playing windowed mode works. No more problems.
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Originally Posted by Jayne_Cobb View Post

After the last update Sol Survivor doesn't show the times anymore,
last achieved in multiplayer co-op survival battles. It stays at zero.

I already tried to reinstall, even looked in the registry after
uninstalling, if something was left behind, but it didn't help.

If anyone is having an idea, I would glad.

Everyone I've played with is also seeing this (survival times are 0:00 always). I know you guys aren't working on this project anymore, but do you think there is a chance you guys could fix this 1 thing?
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Every time I launch the game it tries to launch a NET installer which only tries to install a bunch of files on a secondary partition on my boot drive. It fails this attempt and comes up with an error every time ("The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable"), but the game launches. The secondary partion is an HFS+ volume. However I can't imagine why it wants to install a bunch of junk on a partition that is not the boot drive nor contains any Steam files nor anything Windows can use. The game ends up launching and playing fine after this but it's really annoying that it does it every single time I launch the game.
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Every now and then most of the screen turns black and only the HUD stays avaible. Only restarting the game fixes it. Very annoying.

Specs: W7 64bit, i7-2600k, GTX580, 8GB RAM
all drivers are the most recent
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Freezing work around

Anyone else have this problem?
Opening screen I choose "Survivor"
Next screen I choose the level, "Cwm"
At the screen after this I would normally choose the "commander" but this is where the freezing occurs.
Using Alt/Tab I regain control but the game shuts down.
I restart the game and this time I choose "Play Campaign" then select the level AND the "commander" with no freezing. At this point, I exit without playing the campaign and return to the opening screen. Now I can play in the "Survivor" mode with no more freezing. I have to try "Play Campaign" first. This trick has worked every time. But it's a quick fix for the symptom, it doesn't address the cause. I'll worry about that when this fix doesn't work anymore.
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