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Originally Posted by stoo View Post
If you've only played the newbie cars (and you have), it's not surprising that you feel it's too slow, or the car is too easy/hard to control.

Have you played a Drift Attack? Have you got 3 stars on it?


Can you drift like that?
The speed is somewhat ok so far but it's just that the whole game doesn't feel right. You can use a handbrake to take tight corners. Almost every driving game has that.

Here you have a drift mechanic that slams you into the wall which can be seen on the 2:nd video you linked too. The guy doesn't use the drift mechanic except on those somewhat hard corners and he still slams the wall.

I played the first Drifting track and got 2 stars our of 3. I tried it several times but it's just that I feel you go too slow when drifting to make it not feel good at all.

Originally Posted by stoo View Post
How about this?


That's one of the final tracks in the game with one of the fastest cars. See the drifting? The destruction? The way it flows together? You don't get that so much in the early game.
On the first map I did got into the first place and kept being there. But since I kinda stopped playing after some maps because the game didn't feel good I haven't played the last track with the best car. Probably never will.

Destruction is laughable in this game. You drive through concrete walls like it's made out of Styrofoam and doesn't seems to even stop from it.
You can even drive through a support pillar of a bridge which is hard to imagine because it would normally stop a car dead in its track.

Also smashing through those targets really ain't all that special. Most of the ones I smashed through never gave me that much of a lead.

But that video is also good at showing that you need to slam into the walls in order to take the corners. In a good racing game you could use handbrake to take such corners.

Originally Posted by stoo View Post
Maybe 1 hour is enough for you, but it's not truly representative of the whole game. It gets better and you'll learn how to control the drifts (most of the time ).

Honestly, you've barely scratched the surface.
Sorry but the drifting just doesn't feel good at all. When looking at the drifting video also posted I can watch closer on how slow you actually drive in. I've been in a car going 120 KMH and it's pretty fast. That car is not near that speed.

Originally Posted by stoo View Post
FOUC is probably my favourite arcade racer of all time. It's the reason I bought RRU without even trying it or reading previews.
RRU is like a shadow of Flatout UC.

Originally Posted by stoo View Post
I liked GRID, but it got boring pretty fast. I did play through it quite far, but I didn't finish it. I think it's coz I kept playing the Le Mans circuits every time they came up. Burned myself out on Le Mans. :P

I play a lot of arcade racers. RRU really is one of the better ones. It's just a shame about the bugs.
I didn't found it boring even though I played it for like 20 hours. I remember also not being done with it. Still I had a lot of fun.

The Le Mans where the worst and I just skipped those. I did play some of them.

But I doubt this game will be that much different at the end compared to the start other than that I'll go faster.

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Originally Posted by MADDOGGE View Post
Does the real game have proper wheel support? NO at least the demo doesn't though my MOMO half works.

Does the real game allow me to change the camera. Apparently not as I haven't found much in the way of optins at all. I prefer hoodcam when I race.

Does the real game play without lagging. The demo doesn't for me. The videos and music are terrible about this and the racing since it doesn't properly support wheels has no FF so the car feels floaty.

The graphics are nothing special

Very unhappy with where they took the Ridge Racer IP as I was with NFS, Burnout Paridise and DIRT but still would have gotten this game because it looked fun as a fake Burnout game. Looks were deceiving though as the demo proved. This is not a game I can recommend certainly not off the demo and I sure ain't spending money on it to try out the real deal. There is also no 360 demo either where I could play with my 360 wheel. This game is disappointing to say the least.
Entirely agree with you.
Flatout series was very good fully including "MT, Replay & Hood Cams".
But how about RRU ? "No MT, No Replay & No Hood Cams" lol
I'm really disappointed with the Bugbear.
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+ Nice Soundtrack
+ Not bad graphics

- Everything else.

A cross between Burnout, Split Second and Blur and not really as playable as any of them sorry.
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