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TF2 Respawn Times

Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong section.

On my TF2 server I've tried to change the respawn times so both RED and BLUE teams have different respawn times. I installed a Sourcemod plugin which works (Link), but there's a problem. The respawn timer counts down to anywhere between 9 to 2 seconds (for RED on Payload maps as they have a respawn time of around 18 seconds), and in this window the player respawns anyway - bypassing those last 7 or 8 seconds.

I've played around with the mp_disable_respawn_time and mp_respawnwavetime commands but none of them rectify the problem. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
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It might be easier to redesign the map and hard code the spawn timers. Otherwise you can request this type of plugin on the SourceMod forums.

Also, I've used that plugin in the past and I discontinued its use because it blocks item drops. It may have been fixed by now, but if not, players will not find anything while connected to your server. Once they leave and join another server, they will get a flood of backlogged drops waiting for them. This in turn leads some people to believe that some servers are better than yours.
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