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Tools Section

There are too many [title] Dedicated Server entries listed in the tools section. Most of them are from games I have never installed or would never play.

I would like an option to remove these, or at least put them in a group I can hide/collapse.

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I wish they were all a bit better categorised. I don`t mind having them there, but it`s a complete cluttered mess.

I`d like to see it divided in Tools, Bonus materials, and Dedicated servers or something.
That way I don`t have to search for an augmented edition hidden between the tools.
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I don't understand why these are available to people who don't own the games they're associated with anyway. For that matter, don't all dedicated servers run off computers that don't even have Steam on them? I'm pretty sure they do, since like half of them are Linux boxes. So there's barely any point to making those tools available through the Steam app at all.
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Recently when the client starts, the Tools list is the default window to appear, when I've always had Library set as my default.

Not sure if it's due to working out the glitches getting MaxPayne3 running, (.NET related) but it started tonight at the same time.
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