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Worth Getting if i own on Consoles?

I currently own Alan Wake and all the DLC's on xbox and love them, played through the game twice (once on the hardest difficulty), and was wondering if it's worth getting again? i've been hearing that the PC version is great but is it better than the console version by $15?
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I have the Limited Colelction Edition on my Xbox, the digital Collection Edition on Steam and I have American Nightmare on Xbox. Still Im gonna buy American Nightmare on Steam today because I really love the Alan Wake universe (one of my favourite video game universes of all time). So I would say yes, buy it.
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Playing Alan Wake with mouse, max graphics settings and widest FoV is the ONLY way to get the ultimate Alan Wake experience.
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I own all but the last DLC for AW on the 360 and love the game but will eventually get it for the PC as well.
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100% worth getting on PC. I also bought all of Alan Wake + DLC on 360 when it first came out in 2010 & still bought on PC twice (Steam & physical collectors edition).

Graphically its a lot better looking. Sharper textures, better HDR lighting scheme, no screen tearing, higher FPS near instant loading times. Well worth buying again the atmosphere is superior due to virtually zero technical issues holding it back like the 360 was slightly hurt by!!
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PC - all set to max.

I'm playing a Movie.

EDIT: The Pre-rendered Videos actually look really really bad in comparison to the actual in-game graphics.
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