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Angry Cheater on tf2 (Aimbot)


This is the guy that was aimbotting in tf2. He got ambassador crits on people across the map instantly. I haven't got any proof of him cheating, of course, but this is just a heads up. If you ever see this guy and he cheats, make sure to report him.

I don't like scumbags like this ruining the awesome game that is TF2. I hope he gets banned.
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Valve Anti-Cheat: Information Thread

Your not allowed to name and shame people, so I'd adivise you to remove his community ID.
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Tito Shivan
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You put someone's ID on there.
You accused him of cheating.
You assert you lack any proof of him cheating.
You ask people to report him?

Remove that ID before some admin does that for you.
If you think someone has cheated, go to his profile and click the report button. VAC will take note of your report.
And as a future advice, next time you find a cheater in TF2, call for a server admin to kick him out of the server. Faster and reliable.
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