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Question Problem with Reporting a Hacker

While playing the new Infected mode in Modern Warfare 3, I encountered someone using an aimbot to headshot people as soon as they rounded the corner or spawned in. I happened to be recording with WeGame, so now I have a video (albeit without sound) of the match. This includes the stream of headshots in the killfeed and several of my deaths upon spawning near him. Normally, I would just report the hacker by finding his name in the list of recent players in the steam overlay, then going to their profile and submitting a report from there. I have no idea if this actually helps in getting them banned, but that is not my problem.

My problem is that the hacker had a name made entirely of special characters. When I checked the list of recent players in the steam overlay, I was unable to find his name. I went through the video to find the exact characters he used, but entering them into the steam client's search bar did not turn up any results. I am at a loss for how to get to his profile and how to report him so that justice may be served.

His special character name as it appeared ingame is Τ..'.

The video is currently being uploaded so that I can link it here.
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no need to post a wegame or fraps video , too easy to fake and VAC does not take reports to ban players.
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you dont need any video.. VAC is automated and doesnt permit any proof you may give them..
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You do not need to have a video proof. Just report in his profile if you find.
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