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Game is dying on it's

yup, love the game, probably one of the best I've played for a long time but it is dying.

Every game there is a non-connector, so one of the teams is down from the lobby.

Once you're in, you are lucky to get away with not having an afker for whatever reason at one point of the game who may or may not turn into a leaver to leave just 3 of you.

Then if you are lucky enough to get a full team you get players who haven't bothered with the practice arena.

They have no idea what they are doing and the stats say only 2 players do.

And if you get a 'decent' Megabeth on the other team that is it.

Seriously overpowered character who must be aimed at stat farmer players.

I can see no minus to being her, 3-4 hit kills with the launcher against players, strongest other than leo against bots, shoot the moon, jumping high speed escape, ring out grapple.

Just lost a game where it was 5 v 4, they won and their Megabeth had the stats of the other 3 players combined.

In theory that player could have been 1 v 5 and still won.

Last couple of days I have left more games because of the above in 6 hours than in 60 hours of play.

It is not fun to keep losing by default, it is not worth playing and I think I am going to have a break from it to see if when I come back I view things differently.

Luckily I know this game can be better than that, but if this was my first 6 hours I would have uninstalled by now.
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