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1 File Failed to Validate and Will be Reacquired

Is there a way to find out exactly which file(s) will be reacquired when the game cache verification fails to validate them? I mean, like, the exact name of the file. Because whenever I try to verify the integrity of the Arma II: Operation Arrowhead game files, it always comes up with '1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired', no matter how many times I run the check.

I'm interested, because I'm wondering if that 1 missing file might be part of the indefinite 'waiting for server response' problem I have with every DayZ server I try, every time, without fail.
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If it does it all the time it's usually some configuration .ini file. It's unlikely to be causing the issues you're seeing.

I can't comment about your DayZ issues. You could try deleting the main exe as well and see if a verify finds 2 files
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If it is a CEG encrypted game, it will always say one file failed verification and it will download a brand new CEG encrypted executable.
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Smile Oh hello!

Mistake bump… :3
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