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The Big Dawg
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Exclamation Do you play Guild Wars? If so, read this.

As most of us know, the first open beta of Guild Wars 2 happened. It was awesome.

But now, there's the nagging problem of getting your Hall of Monuments filled.

You're looking at guides and you think there's no way you can do this on your own, even with henchies and heroes, and you're even having trouble getting guildies to help.

Just join the Hall of Monuments Helpers!

Join the chat, tell us what you're looking for help with, and see who else needs help! The more we help each other, the sooner we'll be ready for when Guild Wars 2 finally releases!

I'm re-tooling the guild I run to be the official guild for the group. It's not required you join it (like, if you're already in one) but I just thought it'd be easier to keep track of everyone that way. We're Kurzick, the guild hall is fully upgraded. Remember, though, that just because we're Kurzick-aligned, it doesn't mean you can't still do Luxon-based titles.
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