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GPU-Z reporting wrong info.. problem with card?

I have crossfire MSI HD7870 cards(same exact cards) and when I switch the cards at the bottom of GPU-Z im getting different results..


Could this be related to lock up crashes before during or after I play game?

My previous crossfire cards (HD6950's) said the same exact thing for both.
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Sometimes it does that I suppose. On my Mobility Radeon 5470/6370, GPU-Z reported 8 ROPs on the chip and 6.0 Gigapixels/second, double what's on the desktop 5450, yet, one version later, it says it has 4 ROPs instead and 3.0 gigapixels/second.

I just take what GPU-Z says with a grain of salt.
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go to the manufacturers site, some cards dont use the proper ID system. The site will probably have the monitor software that will work for your card.
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It's probably an issue with the software. I wouldn't worry about it.
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