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Crashing at same spot every time

It's in the 3rd mission at the V2 launch site, right when I'm told to locate some guys office after setting the three charges.

I come to an intersection and when I turn the corner, bam, crash.

Tried 4 separate times now and I can't avoid the path either. Just curious if I'm alone on this one. Kinda weird.
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Old 05-12-2012, 07:43 AM   #2
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It's the same for me too.
I get to that table, but I can't pass it without crashing my GPU drivers.
When it restores, game keeps running in BG, I can shoot an walk, but I can't see anything except my desktop
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I've got the exact same damn thing!

But i've just found out that i could get into the office by simply not looking down that hallway towards the objective. But i get into the office, and pretty much forced to look towards the objective, then the crash happens.
Very much so looking for a fix for this so i can continue playing!!
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Old 05-13-2012, 12:35 PM   #4
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I'm experiencing exactly the same problem. I found that I could get all the way down the corridor if I looked at the ground, and even went up the stairs and into the office. When I looked around though, it crashed. I managed to repeat the run down the corridor, and even got to the point where the cutscene started, but then I got a black screen, while the cutscene carried on in the background. When it finished, enemies were apparently shooting at me, but after a few seconds it crashed completely.

It seems like if you look at a particular object in that area, it triggers the graphics driver crash (latest ATI drivers in my case).

I'm playing this on a Thinkpad T500 notebook, with Intel/ATI (Mobility Radeon 3650) switchable graphics. For kicks, I tried running the game on the Intel card, and whilst it was painfully slow, it did not crash. I managed to fight my way out of that corridor with some of the laggiest sniping you've ever seen, and at the next checkpoint, I switched back to the ATI card and finished the level.

All was going great, until I got to Opernplatz, two levels later, and had the same "look at this and I'll crash" happen. It happened after eliminating all the enemies on the ground, and taking out the sniper on the roof, from the building opposite, across the Platz. I can't be bothered doing the Intel card switch again - it's just too slow, and if I have to do that every couple of levels, it'll feel more like work than play.

Hopefully we'll see a patch for this soon.
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I managed to get a little further on this, stopping Schwaiger's execution, after which there is a checkpoint. As I'm sniping enemies while Schwaiger make's his run to the library, there seems to be some object/scenery in the northwest that triggers the crash. That happens to be the way I'm facing immediately after restoring from that checkpoint, so the game is now basically crashing the very moment I restart from the checkpont.

Not impressed.
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Old 05-14-2012, 10:40 AM   #6
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This may sound like a crazy suggestion, but when you reach this point in the game try and turn the other way and go down the corridor backwards.

Make a note of if/when it crashes - doing this may help the devs to track down which bit of the level is crashing as it will come in to view from behind you.
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Old 05-17-2012, 10:02 PM   #7
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I figured out what makes the ATI cards Crash.
Is the Light coming in and out of the WIndows at the END, in Schwaiger's Office

You can enter running all the way to the Office's stairs looking down or behind.
If you look straight at the Window or windows's light that passes through it Freezes and Card Driver Crashes.

If you get to the second Floor a few meters before entering the Office u can actually see most of what's inside of it. But if you look near the Window, when you see the Light that's coming IN from outside then comes the Crash.

The problem is, that even entering looking away from the Light it freezes the Card, there is no way to avoid the light.

I stayed below Schwaiger's office and look all over the place and it's ok, just don't look at the window.

I even put everything in LOW and tried to kill the lights but thats no Call of duty fxs here lol.

So im gonna update DIrect X, to 11 or 12 dunno which one is the newest one and give it a try.

When it freezes inside the office you can hear the cinematics kicking in, i think u can actually shoot, but then nothing..

So any idea if that light needs some C+++ framesomething thingy? Or it's a particular shading thing, etc..?

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The recent updates, along with the "-RV6xx" launch option finally fixed my ATI crash issue.

On a probably unrelated note, as I was about to finish the Mittelwerk level, I noticed the second truck was still full of troops, just sitting there (eating their lunch maybe?). I walked right up to the truck, peered in the driver's side window... all those soldiers were just as happy as Fritz, sitting there quietly, smoking, staring off into space. I shot a couple of them in the head. Nobody else got up. They were apparently all blind, and maybe deaf. I guess the able-bodied men had already been sent to the front line. I felt a bit bad, shooting blind, deaf soldiers at point blank range, but they were the enemy after all, and they didn't offer to share their lunch with me. After I walked completely around to the other side of the truck, the two remaining live soldiers decided it might be a good time to get down off the truck, and declare that they had detected an enemy nearby. I don't know what would have given them that impression. Perhaps the six dead fellow Germans sitting next to them in the truck.

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