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Post Having trouble uploading Steam Screenshots.

Hello, I've recently been playing around in GMod 13 and have been screen-shotting my contraptions, but I'm having a problem uploading them. The first time I encountered this problem I took a screenshot in GMod 13 and attempted to upload in-game. The first time I hit the upload button the progress bar went to about half way and stopped. It then read "1 screenshots could not be uploaded due to errors." I attempted to upload three or four times again and after several failures it finally uploaded.

I encountered the problem again and again. To try and fix the problem I have tried a few things: Exiting the game and then uploading them and setting the view settings to "Friends Only". I have 999mb left to upload all of my screenshots which are normally 200-300kb. I've uploaded about 10-15 screenshots today and am trying to upload several right now.

Is this a problem that I can fix? Thanks for reading.
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its just technology sometimes work sometimes dose.
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Hi, I had that problem for a while too, so I completely removed steam, which deleted all my screenshots on my hard drive, and then reinstalled steam. Then I took my "first" screenshot and it uploaded beautifully. Every one now. So my theory is that when you get a ton of screenshots in your steam folder, it gets clogged up and prevents you from uploading any.
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Hi Wolf!

I've experienced this problem too at times.

The solution I've found to help it upload *Most* often is to add comments for the image.
Hope this helps you out
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