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Unhappy Some achievements aren't unlocking

as the title says, some achievements won't unlock
as far as I can tell, those are the ones you should get right at the start of the game (not 100% sure though)...

the ones that refuse to unlock are:

First Order of Business
Complete Vincent's first quest

You Can't Spell Canals Without…
Complete the "Scout Canals B2" Quest from Elma

The Second Amendment
Join the Militia

Skeletons? I hate skeletons.
Slay 100 Skeleton Soldiers in Georg's quest

I did them on multiple characters, but it won't work.
Am I doing something wrong or are they just bugged?
I'm on Windows 7, don't know if that might cause it.
I also tried running as admin and non-admin, doesn't make any difference.
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I managed to get the first one, but that was ages ago. I think the others were from a later update, and I didn't get any of them after starting a new character. I think one of the more recent updates might've broken the achievements.
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I have problem only with the Blood brother achievement. I am Lv38 now and it still doesn't unlock.
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Yeah, the achievements won't unlock. Please fix that
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