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Blur 2nd Birthday LOL ROFL XD and so on compilation

hi! as you (still) might know, Blur has been released on May, 25th, 2010, in the U.S. and on May, 28th, 2010, in the rest of the world. this means: the BEST ARCADE RACER ever made will have its 2nd birthday next Friday.

my birthday-present to this (small, but awesome) community is a 15 minutes video-montage with (99,7%) so far unreleased stuff of pure action, carnage, fails, lols, rofls, XDs and cheater-gangbangs ... ENJOY


p.s.: i am fully aware, that today ain´t Friday, 25th. however, i am not sure, whether i have access to my computer next Friday, so i decided to upload it 2 days earlier
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I was laughing at F1's flying on the sky but there are more footages of me that flies through sky like a shooting star :3 Anyways awesome compilation as always. It's kind of taking time to make those sort of videos since you have to choose best moments of the races you participated before. If I buy new HDD I'm also thinking of making those sort of compilation videos.

Also man I really wish there is a sequel to this awesome game. Why they don't try to make remake or sequel I don't understand since there are lots of faithful fan base to the game on both console and PC. That would be awesome.
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Great one, love it!
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