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Angry Thief DS crashes and saved games lost

Hello. This will be my first thread or post or whatever. Please help me. I apologize if someone has already brought this up.
I have owned Thief DS for quite a while. Love it. But three times this has happened to me.
I get pretty far then all of a sudden the game crashes. When i relaunch it, i no longer have my saved games anymore. They pretty much just disappear and I have to start all over. It happened to me today and I got REALLY far in the game, all for nothing.
1) it's annoying
2) i don't feel im getting my money's worth
3) i love this game and wish to play it all the way through without any problems
Has anyone else encountered this? If so, can you help me or at least point me in the right direction to fix it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Have fun.
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Provided that you experience this on a fresh install, I suppose that's something in your system, because I've played TDS on three OSes, without any glitch, the game is greatly worth the money (in my opinion) sorry
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Ive looked around and someone said that the problem i am experiencing only happens in a certain level of the game (hammerite chapel, i believe.) after thinking about it, i realize that the problem does occur when i reach this level every time, never dawned on me before.
their solution was to create multiple saves and backup the TDS files just in case. after the level is complete, the problem ceased.
yet someone else said they have done the same thing, though the problem becomes worse after the level is beaten. I am putting this to rest. i will play the game again and do as i have stated above, see if it works. if the problem occurs again, i will simply stop playing the game.
i will correct myself in the previous post, the game IS worth the money, and there must be something wrong with my system.
if you're looking into this game, i will tell you that it is an extremely fun game. don't let my noob thread keep you from purchasing it.
this will be my last reply on the matter.
have fun, and happy thieving

aside from that, a new problem.
As of today, when i try to play TDS, it says its updating, but it says approximately 0 seconds and never launches. im not sure what the solution would be. i do understand that Steam is having a sale on all the Thief games and maybe my problem will cease once the sale is over. hopefully.

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