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Originally Posted by The Mad Hatter View Post
Probably not going to happen, don't EA have their own Digital Distribution gizmo? Origin or something? While that's up they're not going to let Steam have Generals.

But I agree, Generals is a great game and I wish it was on Steam. I foolishly bought the First Decade which would not work at all on my PC (did not recognise the disc, couldn't even install).

Ahhh. Jihad Bike rushes, Rocket Bus runs, Aircraft General Raptor cheese, Tunnel spam, Goop Tractors, scrapping tanks...in ways this game was more ridiculous than Red Alert 3 considering it's srs bsns format. Too bad Red Alert 3 was baaaaddd.

The First Decade (includes Generals) is on EA Store, but you can not download it directly to Origin. I think EA might release all the old school C&C games on Steam in the future, they released all the newer C&C games. I do not see Generals 2 on Steam though, it is most likely going to be a Origin exclusive.
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Dane Vogel
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Thank god I have a physical copy of TFD around. It would be cool to have it on Steam or even Origin so more people can play it.
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