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Sticky Bombs do not need nerfing. Okay, so it can be annoying as you step through a door, see the stickies on the wall as you pass, and saying "Oh s***!" as you die, but there's a reason the Demoman is a defensive class. The Engineer and Heavy can mow down classes in a shot, much like the Demoman.

And as explained, at close range, you can be in trouble. Time and time again I have not switched to me melee at close range, and died at my own weapons, but even if I did switch weapons, that's all you have to protect yourself with without harming yourself. The Demoman also has 175 health, and moves at the speed of about average, which isn't a great deal of health, like the Soldier and Heavy.
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OP, equip Ali Baba's Wee Booties, and run around with only a stickybomb launcher. Go to any any non valve-like server and tell me how you do.
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Sticky bombs are balanced.
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Originally Posted by Rynjin View Post
Anybody else think chocolate covered popcorn (white chocolate, preferably) is the best? Assuming it's good, crispy corn that doesn't get stale.

Bought a big tin from the Boy Scouts a few years ago and it was DELICIOUS.
Know what's even better? Chocolate covered kettle-corn. Its like a Snickers bar, but better.

edit: Ohh, but Moose Munch wins.


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This will be good.

*sits patiently for the flame war to start*
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Originally Posted by FinalVito View Post
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Genma Saotome
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Remove all of the weapons, they're likely to kill someone.

Let's just play a game that involves disapproving looks, dismissive gestures and eye rolling.

Oh, and knitting. Lots of knitting.
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Originally Posted by VodkaGR View Post
Enemy close? Fire at your feet and detonate,you will jump away and he will die
Since the sticky bomb has arm time before it can fire, this won't work if they're close enough, which coincidentally is exactly how you beat a demoman.
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Where's my flame war already? The popcorn's already half gone.

Anyway, the demo was designed to be a versatile, high-damage machine with limited self defense capabilities. He is weak at both extremely close and extremely long ranges, and what is TF2's combat designed around? Close quarters combat, whaddya know.

Is it the most balanced weapon in the world? No. But it was designed to be powerful, but in return the demo is at the mercy of any scout/pyro/class who can dodge his pipes and get that 10 foot weak radius.
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Genma Saotome
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Originally Posted by Aqwertybqwerty View Post
Where's my flame war already? The popcorn's already half gone.
When someone comes from far out in left field with a complaint like this about a core game play mechanic, it's not worth the effort trying to argue about it.
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Yeah, but as engie all gotta do is build a sentry and it will kill evrrything, as pyro you just w+m1 and stuff dies, heavy is just m1, soldier is just shoot feet get kills, scout is easy just dodge like crazy and press m1, spy is just shooting people in the face with enforcer then DR then repeat, even as medic you just shoot syringes and people die.

So it's nothing but fair for the demo to have a easy weapon as well.
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Here we go
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Stickybomb launcher isn't OP it's UP.

I was fighting a sniper in Dustbowl 1 and I was in BLU spawn he was at tunnel entrances to B and I couldn't even reach him!!!!!!

Seriously wtf.
And then a pyro ran out that exit and W+M1ed me because he dodged my stuff becuz he's 2 fast,.
Don't even egt me started on scotus.
Also, sentries kill me whenever I use melee on them.

Now scout's bat is OP. It's swingtime makes dodging it impossible and scouts r tew fast tooo hit at NE rnage.

Caramel popcorn isn't OP. It has stickyness and nocrits as downsides. (Crit popcorn is something to behold.)
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