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Please Help TW2 Graphic Tweaking

I have followed several guides on tweaking the graphics


as follows:

Engine.edgeaablend 0.2
Engine.maxanisotrophy 16
graph.SetFastRunSpecialEFX 0
Engine.GrassFadeFnc 500
Engine.GrassFadeEnd 11250
Engine.GrassUserDistance 1.8
Engine.FogHazeFactor 1.8
Engine.FogHazePower 3
Engine.DstFarPlane 7000.6
Engine.FarPlane 2050
Graph.enablefog 0
graph.SunBetaStart -9
graph.SunBetaRange 52
graph.MoonBetaStart -10
graph.MoonBetaRange 45

First I created a parameters folder in the TW2 install folder

and then created a text document inside of the parameters folder (tried saving the following in ANSI or Unicode (both did not work)

Tried both methods:

1. name the Text document start.txt and then open via console @start.txt (tried this in unicode and ansi)

2. name the Text document autoexecgame2.con or just autoexec2.con
and game should start up your changes (tried this in asni and unicode)

Nothing is working and when I go to load it via the console it just says can not load start.txt

Please help me lol what am I doing wrong???
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Some month old, but for all others. I've just read in the official TW forum and found a tweak. It is just simple and i have done it just in my game. Runs fine in TW-2 (have bought only tw-2, no add on).

-Download this file
-unzip it in the game folder, it is only a file named "q"
-set anisotrophy at 16 in your graphic card tool
-start tw-2 and set "aa + dof" off
-load your game and press ^ to open the console
-type in @q and press enter (1st you have to look that the ^ isn't in the line, so delete it before)
EDIT: You have to write in @q after every start of the game!

So, what do this file change?

engine.edgeaablend 0 lowers the depth of field much
engine.bloommultiplier 0.5 lower bloom
engine.mblurintensity 0 no depth of field if you rotate
engine.fov 60 your character is closer from another when talking
engine.paralaxonterrain 0 AF on natural soil
graph.enablefog 0 no fog
graph.SetFastRunSpecialEFX 0 lower depth of field if you run
graph.DrawHitInfoMaxFontHeight 100 damage points bigger
graph.DrawHitInfoMinFontHeight 50 see above this
graph.DrawHitInfoFont3DHeight 0 damage points have more sharpness
cam.talk.DOFAmount 0 no depth of field in conversations
cam.bank.move 0 no shaking camera
cam.bank.rotate 0 see above

I wrote "lower depth of field" because the modder means there is no depth of field, but i see a little bit.

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