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DR2 performance

I have owned DR2 for months now, but I never really got into it. I have been playing other games waiting for DR2 to be patched up or fixed (wether it was Capcom or NVIDIA drivers). I have a pretty nice rig that runs most if not all titles maxed out smoothly (60fps). DR2 on the other hand seems to be all over the place 35-120 fps (it stays mostly between 35-45 fps (My GPU usage for both cards hovers around 30-35%). I have played around with the settings, but they dont appear to make much difference. Is there a fix for this? Was the game simply poorly coded and I will have to deal with the poor performance if I want to play?

I have looked around, but I havent found much info regarding performance and fixes.

Intel i7 950


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Try running it with just one card, chances are it's poorly optimized for SLI.
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