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Signs of Cracks in Origins Armor

Love to see Crysis back on steam. Where is ME3?
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Even if ME3 came to steam with a complete pack. Its doubtful that it wouldn't still need origin to run in some form, as its part of the multiplayer/co-op matchmaking system.
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I'm pretty sure the only reason Crysis 2 is back on Steam is because Crytek went out of their way for it. Internally developed games like ME3 probably wont show up on Steam unless EA decides to jump ship from the digital distribution market.
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my theory is that EA will eventually release the games on steam but only once the DLC has been released or origin
  1. withold the DLC royalties by keeping it away from steam
  2. release the goty package eventually on steam

why not drum up sales on a GOTY edition to the Valve Defense force? it cant hurt you (asides from the hurt you've done to yourself for denying steam users already)

gives us hope that we'll eventually see mE3 and battlefield 3 here once all the DLC nonsense as finished the cycle and the dev teams move on fully to other projects. also cause ill be damned if i use that garbage origin.

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Valve and EA were in discussion about ME3 on the PC before it came out. They tried to get it to work but EA is really greedy.

Until Origin fails or something big *cough* The Old Republic *cough* goes F2P, the chances of us seeing all the new EA stuff on Steam is quite slim.
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Nothing has changed OP. The original game was pulled due to the game having 3rd party handling of the DLC and as such the DLC not being available from Steam as well. It's only on Steam again because this Maximum Edition contains the full game and all the DLC bypassing the 3rd party DLC bull between EA and Valve.
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Honestly, EA has allowed their greed to once more get the best of them. I tried out Origin but honestly there really is nothing special about it, its just taking up space on my computer I feel. I don't even play the games that I have on Origin anymore, which I think is lame. It seems like these days EA at best launches second rate games sometimes with a ton of hype to it.
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