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wow really? that is sad he fell for that poor phishing attempt. Also you said "big" brother, shouldn't that make him a little wiser? lol anyways can you not login? if you can then just change the pw etc...if not then wait for steam support. btw only one person is supposed to be using the account so i would "forget" to mention that part if i were you.
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Probably not a good idea to encourage people to manipulate any info you are submitting to support for help. That's just my opinion though. You can do what you want.
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Tito Shivan
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I'd make your brother read Steam's Account Security Recommendations Until he can recite it word per word. (Take yourself a read too, one can always learn something new)

Watch out for these activities:

Requests for login and password information

Deny requests for login and password information from other users. Do not share your account login information with anyone.
About the VAC Ban, if you sadly get banned:
First - The ban won't be removed. Account security is user's responsability (another nice word your brother can learn)
Second - It only applies to the game you get the ban for.(You can learn more about VAC here) It won't remove your ability of play the game, but you won't be able to join VAC secured servers.

Hope you get it resolved soon
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An ironic and not related example of why we should be keeping an eye on "Big Brother", and not the other way around.
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admin.. Close this thread.
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Originally Posted by Deltree83 View Post
He didnt take anything.. He use my account too for playing sometimes.. And he got this message.. and didnt bother to call me .. he gave account and password to this guy.
I'm sorry but your brothers new to the internet.
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Account sharing is wrong and bad for business, don't do it ever again!

Mistakes were made by you and your brother. I'm sure you both learned something from this experience. Hopefully, your account was not used for ruining other peoples' gaming experience.
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