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Rewards in multiplayer games

Hello Steam community!

I'm doing some research about multiplayer games and how rewards are distributed. I want to know if the design allows it to; would players cheat to get rewards for little effort? If this is true, what is the cause and how does it affect the gameplay?

I've written a survey with questions for you to answer. It should only take 15 minutes at most.
If something is unclear tell me so I may explain the question.


Thank you for your time!
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Just filled one in.
I really don't care about the reward, but it's always nice and encouraging (to continue playing) when you receive stuff for your effort.
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Out of curiosity, why are you researching this?
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Cheat? As in use an idling program in TF2? As in creating tens of accounts to farm coal to up their odds in the Winter Giveaway? Use insider information to craft the Golden Wrench (or is it a spanner? )? Heh, this thread is made for the TF2 forum.
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