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Lightbulb Steam Group Options

I think there need to be many more options available for steam groups and changes that admins can make to them.
  1. Group Title
    Currently the group title cannot be changed after the group is created. I admin several groups, and many times it becomes apparent that the original title needs to be changed or tweaked. I would LOVE to see this seemingly simple feature implemented.

  2. Image Attachments on the Main Page
    I've seen image attachments on official valve groups, I think it would be a great addition to regular groups. It would be another way to share information or provide a visual representation of whatever the group is about.

  3. Image Attachments in Announcements
    Performing a similar function to the main page image attachments, but this time in relation to specific announcements and information.

  4. Text Formatting
    Add basic text formatting to group profile, announcements, and events. Bold, italics, underline, URLs.....most of the things that are found in forum formatting options would be very useful.

  5. Sub Groups within the Group
    This would be a useful feature for a larger gaming group that encompasses people from different clans or sections. Admins could be appointed for these sub groups, and they could also have access to announcement and event creators for their own purposes.

These are all I can think of at the moment. If anyone has suggestions, I'd be happy to add them. Currently most groups are sorely underused, and I think more people would make use of them if they had more available options.

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i second this! its not fair official groups can make clicky links in their announcements and even post pictures. i feel like my group is bootleg compared to official groups!
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yes we need some kind of info why do official groups get all the formatting!!!!!!! X_X
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