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Looking for SP/MP tips.

O hai. So, I'm one of those folk who buys way too many games to play. I picked Sanctum up... hmmm some time ago and finally got round to trying it out this week.
It's fascinating, mainly because it seems so overwhelmingly difficult. We are only playing on normal. :S

Single Player.

Well I did manage to survive the mine so I'm not completely useless. The bridge, however, is proving a challenge. Only four tower types to choose from? I'm interested in any advice relating to tower choice and upgrade paths. I'm cool for maze ideas, got plenty of interesting methods there. But what kind of towers are people using for this?
In fact... what sort of towers do people approve of in general? Are there any that really aren't worth it at all? (I have all DLC so feel free to discuss those too).


I'm lucky enough to have a brother as a co-op partner (and a 3rd player from time to time). But on multiplayer, we always seem to get annihilated by wave 8. Any nice tips or tricks? Is a balanced maze of low level towers better? Or a maze with one or two concentrated killzones? How important are weapon upgrades? What towers are priority upgrades? Are holo towers even worth bothering with? (We had a nice setup on the Yogscave with a holo tower entryway but as the waves got stronger it seemed less and less effective). Is it better to have the full range of towers available or stick to certain types to work in tandem?

General questions.

Resources. Never seems to be enough of them. :P Are these fixed in multiplayer? Or is there a hidden variable aspect (ie a way to acquire more)?

Examples of our current strategy.

Particularly on Yogscave and Bridge we forced the mobs to enter a high level slow panel between two lightning towers that leads onto a damage amp. Overlooking this we had a holo tower so we could freeze the mobs as they step onto the damage amp and drill them with high level damage. The damage amp is a corner and is overlooked by two penetrators at either end of the resulting corridor with a high level scatter tower further down to try keep up the pressure on the armoured foes. This seems a really effective bottleneck until the tanks and hoverers turn up and throw a spanner in the works. Eventually this falls off and mobs start breaking through into the maze proper which is where the defence starts to fall down, leading to a mad dash to stop them hitting the core.
AA is generally left to one Kairos, one Violator, and a few anti-air. Seems to work great but we hit a snag in the Yogscave where an almighty wave of sporepods overwhelmed it with sheer numbers.

Our strategy tends to come undone when faced with tanks, hoverers and sufficiently large waves of walkers/big walkers.

So yeah, please feel free to offer any tips on single or multiplayer issues as raised above or any map specific strategies you find effective. I'll be most appreciative and you can earn shiny rep points for helping us refine our tactics. ^^ Thanks.
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As an additional: I just finished the bridge in single player with a mere 7% core left. Once I got my act together it was going pretty well. I used a twin lightning entry with a maxed gatling sat behind them (which could also shoot backwards as the maze curled back around to pound the tougher enemies). This was amazingly effective and the gatling accounted for 20% of the damage dealt across the entire 25 waves. I had a handful of AA backed up by two high level scatter towers. Rest of the maze was pretty much filled with lightning. Most of the trouble came from the bloaters. Even with my level 5 assault rifle they take so much to kill. Which tower best deals with these? It's hard to tell what's effective but I'm guessing the scatter laser.
The air waves and standard land waves were all dead by the time they're halfway through the maze. Only bloaters and tanks seem to charge through the defences unhindered.
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My thoughts on some of your questions, in no particular order...

There's no secret here, unfortunately. The only way to get more is to get deeper into the game (with the exception of some of the newer survival mode variations).

Tower selection:
It obviously varies depending on the map, how many tower slots you have, and what weapons you're bringing, but I generally try to make sure I have the anti-air tower (nothing comes close to it for spores and dodgers), one of the instant damage air towers (scatter laser or violator - for gliders), something that fires quickly (gatling or scatter laser - for soakers), something that does big, slow damage (lightning or violator - for tanks), and something that compliments my weapon damage (slow, amp, and/or holo - for hoverers).

It's been a long time since I've played bridge on campaign mode, but if the limit is 4 I think I'd probably go with something like Anti-Air, Scatter Laser, Lightning, and Holo (perhaps swapping lightning and scatter for gatling and violator), and make sure I had the Freeze gun and either the Rex or Assault in my weapon set to do area damage to walkers and runners.

Multiplayer tower selection:
I haven't played a huge amount of multiplayer since the tower limitations were added, but my general feeling is that it's best to have a diverse set of towers, with maybe a bit of overlap on one or two key towers or floor panels so you can help each other upgrade.

Weapon upgrades:
I tend to feel that maxing at least one weapon is incredibly important, and I usually do it as soon as the resource pace will allow me to (sometimes even sooner, by saving some from previous waves). I've seen other players have success placing a very low priority on weapon upgrades, but that will leave you more vulnerable against enemies like hoverers and bobbleheads that towers are ineffective against.

Balance vs. kill zones:
I like to set up one or two kill zones with well upgraded lightning towers, holos to shoot through, and amp fields in an area where the monsters will path passed them 2+ times, then use the outlying areas for longer range towers that can still hit the amp fields, anti-air, and cheap fast-firing towers for soakers. All things being equal a bunch of cheap towers will do more damage per resource than a couple of upgraded ones, but that changes when you can upgrade a few that will be active longer and require you to build fewer ground fields.

I'm assuming you mean soakers? You'll want to hit them early with a bunch of fast firing weapons (assault, scatter lasers, gatlings) to build up their damage multiplier before they cross your heavy, slow towers.

Useless towers:
I pretty much never use the mortar or penetrator. I find that having either the scatter laser or violator is important, but taking both is kind of pointless. Killing floor is effective against some enemies (walkers, runners), but they're very rarely the ones that give me trouble so I tend to skip it. Kairos seems good, but doesn't sufficiently replace anti-air or scatter/violator and I rarely have room for 3 different air towers, so I don't use that often either.

That's about all I've got for now. Keep in mind that a lot of advice has to be taken in context - I swear by holos and amp fields, while another player who focuses less on weapons will tell you they're a waste. It's all a matter of finding a style that suits you and making choices around that. Good luck!
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yay adding in yeaarly progression!
I usually bring gatling violator anti-air, slow feild and/or killing floor. gatling is good for soakers, violator and anti air are great for air units, and slow/killing are great maze dps. I usually bring the shotgun, rex, and slow gun. lvl 6 shotty and rex are invaluable imo. In Yogscave I'v found that (on insane) you HAVE to have anti air. period.
I tend to go with ballanced mazes as apposed to kill spots. Get far enough in with a good maze and lvl 4-6 slowfeilds and its a peice of cake, assuming you dont fall in xD. the only killzone I create is usually near the end with a few maxed killing floors and maxed gatlings or violators. I hope this helps anyone who reads this in the future
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aegix drakan
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You generally want to have your lightning tower killzone near the middle or end of your maze. What I do is I have two rows of Lightning towers (with AT LEAST bounce level 1) and a whole pack of amp fields between them.

The reason you want it later is to that the other towers near the start can soften the tough enemies up a bit and make it easier to finish them off.

For dealing with Tanks and Hoverers and bobbleheads, I usually rely on the shotgun. Not only does it do fantastic damage, but if you can clump a pack of tough guys together and fire a fully charged shot on them on an ampfield...It results in a beautiful shower of strawberry creampuffs. ^_^

Oh, and in multiplayer, make sure everyone has different weapons. That was you can cover all bases. There should be at least one shotgunner and at least one bazooka user.

Also, ditch the penetrator. It's awful. It requires WAY too much setup to be useful.

Lastly, I always roll with these 4 towers: Scatter laser (useful on soakers, runners, and gliders), Lightning (killing high HP creeps), Anti Air (duh), and Ampfields (makes weapons and my lightning towers way more handy. Especially if you FREEZE enemies in the killzone). I then mix it up with my other open slots on other maps. And I always roll with a shotgun and REX and Freeze gun.

Good luck out there.
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