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Stellar Impact Team Speak Issues.

Hey guys. I have been playing stellar impact since it was released on steam a month or so ago, and this game is great. That said it seems that the community has become a bit toxic of late.

Im not sure how much of an impact this will have, but if it does some good that would be stellar. (HAHA lame joke)

So when I started playing the first day I noticed that there was teamspeak info at login. The first thing I did upon seeing this was to minimize my game and join the server. Within about 2 minutes I was playing my 1st game with some random people I met there. Since then I have been going back and playing with them because its fun to chat while we rack up absurd KDs.

Now, the reason for this post is to pose the question to everyone who plays random games off team speak why you complain about us. Granted with the new bundle many new players as of this week may not be aware of it, but this TS vs Non-TS people has been around longer than that, it just seems to have become even more polarized as of late. This anti-TS attitude has to stop.

This is a team game with 100% PVP. Using voice communication is vital for real time on the spot coordination. It takes mere minutes to dl TS and put the server info in.

Contrary to popular belief we do not farm newbies, or pub-stomp on purpose. We pub-stomp because the average player is pretty damn terrible. Its a byproduct of having a small but active set of veteran players with a large influx of newbies. Fighting newbs is probably one of the most boring things in the world, while at the same time incredibly frustrating for them. No one is having a good time.

Most of the time we dont even need to coordinate vocally. Stellar Impact has a rythum to it. There are times to do certain actions that become second nature. In most games its not even an issue of a better coordinated team, but just people who know what they are doing.

The solution is simple, get on the developer provided TS server and join us. Odds are most people wont even take this post seriously, but for those of you who do you will stop losing so many games and possibly get some tips from some of us. If enough people get on, then we should be able to have some good TS vs TS matches in the near future and this whole "Team" vs "Random" nonsense will end.

The link for the TS client is http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads
The Developer TS url is ts3.tindalos-interactive.com password 5522

Its pretty easy to find random people on the server to play with, you just might have to wait until there current game ends though.
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I agree with this. Most people on teamspeak are very friendly and eager to randomly team up with you to play a few good games. Win or loose many of us are just on their to enjoy ourselves and have a good time. While it's not mandatory I still highly recommend it. If you don't have a mic don't worry, quite a few who join the teamspeak don't have mics and it has no significant effect on your internet or ability to play the game, like many features of the game it's a tool to assist you if you choose to use it.

In addition it really helps us when new players join the game. 90% take it upon ourselves to help new players learn the ropes. TS makes it SO much easier to teach new players the do's and dont's of space combat . Most of the victory hungry rage quitters and selfish trolls don't go near teamspeak anyways so you experience the community at it's best on Teamspeak.

Most newbie farmers, or pub-stompers actually use their own teamspeaks or VOIP systems anyways. You wont find many if any on the public TS because it's frowned upon. they slander us TS users with their actions which I disagree with. If anything I love a split teamspeak team, 3 TS players per team in a 4v4 or up is fun.
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