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APB: Reloaded/PunkBuster Problem

Hey everyone, i've been having a bit of an issue with PunkBuster while playing APB. After about 10 to 15 minutes of game time it disconnects me and comes up with the error, PunkBuster has disconnected you from APB for (0) minutes due to a problem with updating the PB client. Or something along those lines. I did install pbsetup.exe but i'm having no luck with updating PB while playing. Honestly, i'm not even sure I have the right Steam/APB:Reloaded game file for the pbsetup. I looked through the Steam file and couldn't find a solid APD:R game file to update. After getting frustrated enough, I ran APB as administrator and ran it through compatibility mode, and still nothing. So, since I was fed up and a bit ticked, I deleted APB and pbsetup from my lap top because I couldn't post on the forums last night to resolve the issue. I would completely be willing to re-download APB if I could get it working.

Could anyone help with this?
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You should file a support ticket. Also, there's probably a game-specific forum for it; you might get more help there.
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No, don't submit a support ticket to Valve. Contact the game publisher/developer for game related bugs or contact Punkbuster.
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This is why I avoid games that use Punkbuster. It's very buggy and is prone to kicking people for illegitimate reasons even after updating.
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