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Truly STEAMed

I'm having a very difficult time playing my games that I've downloaded to Steam in offline mode. My files constantly go missing without knowledge to why they do that, especially just after I was playing that same game. I cannot constantly stay connected, that is why I decided to believe in Steams offline mode. Right now I've finally have most of my games working, but the question is for how much longer before "Failed To Contact Key Server" will appear back onto those that I've finally have working after struggling to run them. Because this, I don't play my games, because I want to know that I can always come to those games without issues, but I'm always having issues so I don't. It has been 6 Months since I've really sat down and just played til my heart was content. Right now I am struggling to get the people that work for steam to understand my issue. They also have ripped me off, because I tried Grand Theft Auto IV hoping it would work with my computer, however; I made a mistake and it doesn't. I asked them for a refund in an exchange of games I know would run for the computer. The agreement states that you can do this within 30 days if there is a problem with a game, they did not abide by their own agreement.
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Disable steam before you shut down your computer.

You misread the "buy a game and get a refund for 30 days".
Not without reason there is a notification about system requirements on packages or shop sites.

How easily could you pack such a game on a computer with offline mode, and get later a refund.
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