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Couple of things missing. You need to forward port 7331 both UDP and TCP. This is all you need to have players join via IP or Steam invite. If you want your server to show up in the master list, you also need to forward ports 27000-27030 UDP. That's it.
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i set up port forward (havent done this since 2002 LOL) for 7331 and now it hosts on port 27016 by default AND i cannot change it like i could before i forwarded.

wtf bro?
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Would it cost Steam much to be the hosts?
Or could they be conduits to hosting on people's computers?
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Sorry for my uber-n00bage, but I just bought this game for myself and for a friend who lives far away from me, and we would like to spend some time playing Magicka together without joining anyone else's game, and play at our own pace. We had a lot of fun playing Portal 2 together and we would like to repeat the experience with another game.

I tried to host a game, but she cannot find it in the list of available games. She tried hosting as well, but neither I could find the game she just created.

I read your posts about "forwarding ports", but all this is confusing and unclear. I found this website, but I do not have a static IP addess and don't know how to get one - also because I share my router with a flatmate who wouldn't enjoy my messing around with our connection.

Do you have any good suggestion for me on how to handle this situation?
It would be very much appreciated.
Thank you.

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