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Being forced to redownload files.


Just got my brand new Thinkpad T430s and wanted to put a few games onto it. I copy over the directories from the Steam folder on my other computer and copy them into the Steam directory on my T430s's drive.

However, instead of installing nicely, I'm being forced to redownload huge segments (though not entire ones) of fully updated games! Why?

My T430s is running Windows 8 (the RP), if that helps.
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Steam will still download certain encrytped exe files. Also if you haven't updated those games in awhile then it willl download said updates whne you insatll the game again.

Also when you install game and it has the install files locally, it 'looks' like it's downloading the entire game, but it's not.
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It's also possible that some files got corrupted during the transfer in which case they would need to be redownloaded.
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