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City walls not appearing in battle, Forts un-upgradable....

I don't see the city fortifications in battle. I can build and upgrade city defenses just fine but when a battle is launched to take a city with defensive walls they do not appear in battle. All I see is city buildings and both armies can move freely.

Also I can't upgrade forts for some reason. I can commission them just fine but the fort's construction tab is empty. There is no icon to use to upgrade the fort and I know I have a big enough population for it and I don't see any techs dealing with forts.

I have already tried reinstalling, verifying game cache, and starting a new campaign. I am at my wit's end. Hell, I even tried deleting the ETW script folder and then reinstalling.

I think it is something that started with Steam when I came back to playing Empire Total War I clicked the game executable to start it and steam said something about "New content format? Downloading and Installing it?" right after that it glitched up.
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