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oh lol did he meant the social degradation of the ships population? Well that is rather obvious aswell, as in general the smaller and less challenged a population gets over longer time the more it will degrade into feudal like systems...has been seen over and over again, like after the fall of rome.
For the sequel I'd actually prefer different characters, maybe just have some insider joke about the previous game hidden somewhere, but I would find humanity with several colonies in space and ai technology achieved gives very good scenarios.

Just imagine a few ideas, rogue AIs, being stranded on a planet of technology haters and needing to repair your spaceship with their help (or stay there forever?), the usual AI rebellion scenario, war in general seems to give nice stories....and so on and all that packed with the loneliness of space. (Or not so lonely if you have your AI :P)
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You know, I just assumed that the colony ship was designed to land on planets to colonize. It'd have openings to vent and circulate fresh air from outside. And what prevents the vents from opening in space is that they are magnetically sealed. So no power, no powerful electro magnets to keep those vents sealed. It was the most logical thing I could think of.
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