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Is there any reason to buy black ops 2

Activision nor steam haven't done anything to fix the problem that causes internet connection to cut out when trying to find (more than ~800) servers. So why the h*ll would anyone buy black ops 2 when the same s*it is going to happen there for sure, or something similiar.. I didn't have any problems for about 6 months I had bought the game, but now for months I haven't been able to search good servers so I'm pretty much stuck to the 5 I have in favourites. Nothing changed in my internet connection when the problem first showed up and now that I have changed the connection + moved + upgraded connection the same bug exists and only thing I've heard is "It's users' fault"....
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This has nothing to do with the game, in your modem/router allow ip flooding, if its not there then contact your ISP and explain to then and they will fix it.

This happens to quite a few people on many diffrent games.
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I never looked at MW3, I dunno if I will look at BO2 or not.

Most people are hell bent in saying IW puts out the better COD game, but I think Treyarch has put out a better COD game since World at War and treyarch took the franchise up a few notches to do what IW refuses to do. It didnt help a lick when IW released MW2 in which it was an exact 360 port.

My favorite was when IW was asked what would be different about the PC version from consoles, they replied that it will feature keyboard and mouse controls as well as custom settings. Since then I have said F U IW.

Black Ops has been probably the best COD they had since WAW which was also done by treyarch, I would hope BO2 has little change from Black Ops rather than improving on some things, such as the need for a video card but the need for a quad core processor, this is what killed Black Ops. I am not too thrilled in seeing future warfare which is what BO2 is.
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I'm definitely going to pick it up. Treyarch built the game from the ground up with security in mind. I just read the article in PC GAMER and they talk about the anti cheat software that's built into the game. Plus Treyarch has always made the better game except for one title.You also get to play ranked matches on dedicated servers and more options for the server owner.
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just 1 thing ZOMBIES http://www.blackops2game.com/black-ops-2-zombies/
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